Words Of Wisdom:

"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible."
~~ Alfred Hitchcock

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Welcome to the House Of Morgue!

This is the official website of independent author, artist and musician Chuck Morgue.

Here you will find news, photos, exclusive content, contests, and all things rotten and obscene.

News Release:

May 1, 2012: We are thrilled to be celebrating five years of horror at House Of Morgue. What began as a simple publishing venture for Chuck Morgue's debut novel The Horns Of Evangelina has begun mutating into a much bigger artistic machine.

While still serving as the official publisher of Chuck Morgue's literary output, House Of Morgue is soon expanding into film and music. Chuck Morgue is hard at work composing songs for the debut album for The Joyful Misery. This music will blend a dark folk and alt-country vibe with garage rock and blues to create a soulful record of love, loss, murder and madness. The debut record can be expected later this year in partnership with Exterminate The Brutes Records.

Chuck is also planning a new book release later this year. The currently untitled manuscript is described as another exploitation horror novel set in Louisiana. Writing has also started once again on his long-anticipated young adult novel The Otherworldly Dreamer, based on the dark songs of solo musician Dax Riggs (also well known for his bands Acid Bath, Agents Of Oblivion, and Deadboy & The Elephantmen).

This will be a busy year for Chuck Morgue. We hope you'll stay tuned, and be sure to visit Chuck's facebook page and follow him on Twitter to stay up to date on what's going on in his strange little world!